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LoA for selcted dossiers optained from the Silver Task Force.


14. and 15.03.2017 in Würzburg at the Süddeutschen Kunststoffzentrum

SKZ-Conference "Trends in Fire Safety and Innovative Flame Retardants for Plastics"
Lecture: "The long way from invention to commercialization -
development, drawbacks and introduction of the
synergist TROVOpowder B"


pinfa-Newsletter No. 67, June 2016, page 2

"TROVOtech glass particle PIN FR synergists"



June 22 to 25, 2015 - FRPM 2015 in Berlin
"Fire Retardancy and Protection of Materials FRPM"


May 18 to 19, 2015 - International Conference
C3 Chinese Compounding Conference in Guangzhou/China

Flame Retardant Plastics 2015

Lecture: TROVO®powder B - A New Flame Retardant Synergist 


December 09 to 11, 2014 - AMI-Conference in Köln
"Fire resistance in plastics 2014"

Table-Presentation: TROVOpowder B - a new inorganic flame retardant synergist for PA, PET, TPE-S, PBT Compounds


18 September 2014 - Fraunhofer LBF
Meeting "Flame retardants"

Lecture: Neueste Entwicklungen und Erfahrungen mit modifizierten Glaspartikeln als Flammschutz-Synergist mit Depal und Melamincyanurat in Polyamid und PBT


November 12 to 14, 2013 - AMI-Conference in Köln
"Fire resistance in plastics 2013"

Lecture: Modified glass particles - a new flame retardant synergist for polymers systems


September 11 to 12, 2013 - SKZ-Conference in Würzburg
"Trends im Brandschutz und innovative Flammschutzmittel
für Kunststoffe"

Lecture: TROVO®powder - Poröse Glaspartikel als Synergist für den Flammschutz

September 2012 - Trade Trends

„Silberhaltiges Biozidprodukt TROVO®guard unter dem Aspekt der Biozid-Richtlinie"

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September 2012 - Trade Trends

„Neues und Altbewährtes vereint - mit Synergien zu neuen Horizonten im Flammschutz“

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30 August 2012 - Plasticker-News

„NRC: New Flame Retardant Additive System in Product Range“

January 2011 - Saint-Gobain Innovation Competition 2011

January 2011: TROVOtech Wins the 3rd Global Saint-Gobain Innovation Competition for Up-and-Coming Companies

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25 February 2010 - Biocidal Patent Issued to TROVOtech 

„Antimicrobial-Acting Formulation, Procedures for Manufacturing and Use“